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Simon Cowell also Known as:

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Cowell attended school at Dover College, but dropped out at 16. He floated in and out of jobs, sabotaging several interviews for jobs set up by his father. He finally landed a job at his father's company as a mailroom clerk at EMI Music Publishing. He managed to earn a position as an assistant to an A&R executive at EMI in 1979, where he was promoted and given the job of talent scout. Cowell left EMI during the early 1980s to form E&S Music with his boss at EMI, Ellis Rich.

The company created several hits, but Cowell left by mutual agreement a few years later. In 1985, he and a partner formed the independent label Fanfare Records, which enjoyed short-lived success. The company folded in 1989. In financial straits, Cowell was forced to move back in with his family.


This part is the inspirational!


Undeterred, Cowell signed on as a consultant with BMG Records later that same year. He moved back into his own place, and gradually climbed the corporate ladder at BMG. He managed to sign a string of successful acts for the company, selling more than 150 million records and 70 top-charting singles in the UK and United States.

Cowell has become known for combining his music and television interests. He set up another company, SYCOtv, in 2002. The company created the television shows American Inventor, America's Got Talent and X-Factor. The group also produces records for many of the performers on Cowell's shows including albums for Leona Lewis and Il Divo.


True inspiration through true grit and determination! He lost everything but come back strong and has progressed higher than any within his field.....


David Haye

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David 'The Hayemaker' Haye is a British professional boxer and widely recognized as one of the best boxers of his generation defeating 6 world champions and 3 top contenders. He is the former WBA world heavyweight champion and the former undisputed (WBA, WBC and WBO) world cruiserweight champion.

Haye is one of only two boxers in the history of the sport to unify the World Cruiserweight Titles and then venture to the Heavyweight class. He is renowned for his physical conditioning and immense levels of fitness; two elements that have helped him reach the very pinnacle of arguably the toughest sport in the world.

Haye won global recognition when he broke an outstanding record defeating Nikolai Valuev, who was 11 inches taller and 7 stone heavier than Haye. He is one of British boxing’s most celebrated and successful ring champions of the modern era and has won twenty-three of twenty-five professional fights. He has twice been shortlisted for BBC Sports Personality of the Year and is now recognized as the face of British and world boxing.

Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Reeves.... Some of you may know him as a Neo from the Matrix.... Is this week’s inspirational Monday... The reason is his story is one of the most inspirational I have ever heard, he has gone through very hard times and come through.

Making world popularity through the matrix and raking in an impressive $463.5 million at the box office, the life of the front man has not been smooth....

When he was three his father left home, he was moving city to city with his Mother and had no stability at all. He went to four different high schools in which he struggled with dyslexia making his education harder than most. He didn't come out with a diploma, but is now through sheer will an avid reader.

At the age of 23, his closest friend River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. In 1998, Keanu met Jennifer Syme. The two fell instantly in love and by 1999, Jennifer was pregnant with their daughter. Sadly, after eight months, their child was born stillborn. They were devastated by her death and it eventually ended their relationship. 18 months later, Syme died in a car accident.

Even with those incredible tragedies, Reeves would push on. He's starred in a variety of blockbusters and has become a wealthy man, but the pain of his losses has changed how he thinks about money. He's well known in Hollywood for being among the more charitable actors. After the successes of The Matrix and its sequels, Reeves gave $80 million of his $114 million earnings to the special effects and makeup staff of the films. He also took pay cuts on the films The Replacements and The Devil's Advocates so stars like Gene Hackman and Al Pacino would agree to be in the film while keeping the casting within the designated budget.

Lots of respect for this man and his charitable donations and work ethic..... Take note