Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955, to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption. Smart but directionless, Jobs experimented with different pursuits before starting Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak in 1976.
Apple revolutionary products, which include the iPod, iPhone and iPad, are now seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology, with Jobs having left the company in 1985 and returning more than a decade later.

He died in 2011, following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. This man is Inspirational........ The reason; he had many excuses he could have used throughout his life for him to not achieve what he did.
His direct and strong management style has created arguably one of the most creative and successfulcompanies ever.
There is much to be learnt from this man.....  

Alan Sugar

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Alan Sugar Why he is an inspirational person?
Lord Sugar’s success comes from an extraordinary combination of inspiration about what the market wants, flexibility to the customer’s needs, inventiveness, gut instinct, insight into people and an ability to learn from mistakes.
He wasn’t academically brilliant but excelled in drive and passion for business. Producing massive results throughout his life he is inspirational and one we can learn from.>br/>Coming from a very poor background in the heart of London and now worth an estimated worth of £770 million, a thriving television carer and became Lord Sugar of Clapton in 2009, we can see by Lord Sugar that where you start doesn’t matter. 

Duncan Bannatyne

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When my team sent me through the email to say Duncan Bannatyne was going to feature in this week’s inspirational Monday post... I couldn't wait to pen a few words about an entrepreneur that has always inspired me...

So to start, from a young age, he had a business mind.... Duncan's entrepreneurial skills started at the tender age of 11 of when he was told by his mum that he couldn't have an ice cream. Determined to get his ice cream, Duncan knocked on more than 150 doors, built up a newspaper round by collecting 100 names, and bought his entire family an ice cream the following summer.
Duncan's first purchase was an ice cream van he paid £450 for to launch Duncan's Super Ices in the North East of England. He soon expanded by buying more vans and eventually sold the business for £28,000. Since those days of 99’s and cornets Duncan’s business interests have progressed to include nursing homes, children’s nurseries and radio stations.

Outside of his business interests Duncan is best-known as a panellist on BBC Television’s Dragons’ Den. His strong opinions and sharp comments have made him one of the most popular Dragons in the Den. The Bannatyne Charitable Trust was set up in March 2007 and has helped focus Duncan Bannatyne's charity activities to support a group of worthy causes whose excellent work has a positive impact on the lives of people across the world. Every penny donated to the Bannatyne Charitable Trust is sent on to charities to fund their wide and varied projects. The Trust helps in various ways from housing children with HIV and Aids in Romania, feeding 16,000 school children on a daily basis in South Africa to helping injured soldiers regain their lives. 

The reason why I find Duncan so inspirational is within business he is ruthless and has a proven work ethic with great results. Away from that, he is a great example of charitable donations and true kindness. A lot can be learnt from this truly inspirational individual.

Have a positive day...